Saturday, 15 December 2012

Continuing the Legacy

What happens when you start something great and then move on?

This is a question I have asked myself a lot recently.

First of all, I think my work and the things we have developed at my school have been great, but do others? Is the work that I do valued by my colleagues?

So, three years ago we started transforming our school library into a learning commons. In a nut shell, we changed the space from a book storage area to a dynamic and engaging place to work - A place where students want to come and work on exciting and intellectually engaging learning projects.

My day-to-day work involves engaging students and teachers in projects that are laced with technology. Being a technology specialist, my expertise lie in being able to think digitally when it comes to different ways of expressing understanding. I help students through technical aspects of expressing and representing their work as well as introducing new ways to do so. We often learn how to use a new application together. I also have been given the opportunity to help build capacity with my colleagues. Through a learning coach kind of a roll, I help teachers integrate technology through the lens of discipline based inquiry.

I'm coming to the point in my career where I need to move on, or make a change, in order to continue growing as a professional. I have learned so much in the past year in my position and have never enjoyed my work as much as I do and now. I'm so excited about where I might end up next and what I might be doing.

My main concern is what will happen in my current setting when I have left. Will the learning commons continue to flourish? Will people still continue to use the space in creative and engaging ways with their learners? Will the school replace me, or will the dissolve my position and start something new? I also realize and respect the fact that it's not all about me and my school will survive without me. Although I do feel like I'm being be pig-headed sometimes, I now that it's not only me that has made our learning commons successful. I do however take my work seriously and want it to continue when I do leave, hence the questions I am asking.

Should I even be worried about what happens after I have left?

I guess it is up to the school whether or not they continue building on the work that we have done in the learning commons over the past three years. I guess if the work is valued by the greater community, then I will be replaced with someone willing to continue the legacy.

Time will tell - I'm sure a visit to the same site in the future (at some point) will give me the answer. This I will have to follow through with one day.

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